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Duck dodgers- is not unusual

Pinned on June 17, 2011 at 2:30 am by admin

Duck dodgers- is not unusual

duck dodgers cantando una canción de tom jones
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A mouse and his journey through a deadly hallway

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TheVoidPt says:

Bad audio

tinynicktune says:

“La Mejor Voz de la Galaxia.”

Curiosamente, en el doblaje latino, cuando Dodgers habla con la voz ‘prestada’, es la misma voz del que dobla a Johnny Bravo.

sko12342 says:

@Frankie212009 Have you seen a man eat his own head? Then you haven´t seen everything

Frankie212009 says:

Daffy Duck Doing Tom Jones Its Not unusual Now I Have Seen Everything lol Have A Look

jolx24 says:

dman daffy’s a real chick magnet ;3

RogueTheElfWarrior1 says:

Daffy! Gotta love him!

AngelPrincess234 says:

I want Duck Dodgers to sing Sex Bomb! That would really make me ROFL!

Dontsayfudge says:

I just noticed that there was a neko eared girl in the audience! W00T!

TITANAS84 says:

look the fans

kuroneko106 says:

jajajaj yo kisiera ver la serie en latino u.u

Tyannalyn says:


Tyannalyn says:

hahaha yeah i miss this

Mrmask55 says:

i remember this episode duck dodgers switches voices with tom jones and he gose and sings infront of people.

erasmation says:

immigrant?? wtf! i dont even live in your stupid country .. go suck obamas dick and let me be

ajmanbaf says:

speak english you illegal immagrant, this is a english video so fuck off! go back to your country

Gaara0fTheSand says:

i remember this episode

M3g4pl4yBoy1 says:

ahhhhh estoy muy trizte …..esta cacnion describe csi todo lo q siento ….

dll0990 says:


1Atesz1 says:


XxNinjaThugXx says:

Dude, Speak English Nobody Would Understand U. & yes It IS Tom Jones The name of that Song is Called “It’s Not Unusal”

erasmation says:

donde encuentro los capitulos de duck dodgers en español? quiero ese en q aparece dave mustainee!! :p

54spiritedwill54 says:

Good! ^^

fullmetalknight says:

in mexico who dub the vioce of Carlton in spanish is Alfonso Mendoza the same of Duck Dodgers.

ifcman9 says:

best dream ever wasnt it

ACGTA says:

is not an usual to be in love with anyone !!! xD ducks dogger es la ley l,,l.!!! yo lo veia todos los sabados xD! jaja

steventemplar says:

really good stuff. poor mouse…

lowellsheppard says:


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